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"Two Trillion Double Stars Facilitation Plan" just recently announced by the government declares that digital content and biotechnology are two Taiwan's future star industry. Digital content has been acknowledged as a hi-tech and pollution free industry, which is perfect for Yilan where is known to be endowed with abundant cultural and rich in tourism resources. Two things to be accomplished in the near future that will establish the developmental foundation of digital content industry at eastern Taiwan are: constituting a more complete high speed communication network infrastructure and actively training skilled personnel in multimedia and digital technology. National Science Council has drafted to set up Science Park's Yilan base. The "South Yilan City Base" (73 hectares, 10 minute driving distance from National Ilan University - NIU), has been planned to be a base of services in communicational knowledge. It aims to attract mainly the software design and communication companies. Already Chunghwa telecommunications has expressed its interest to join in. Therefore, the future industrial development of Yilan will focus on hi-tech pollution-free communication technology and software design industry, which should be closely cooperated with industrial policy of government. NIU should urge upon the academic and industrial people to set up a digital content technology research center at Yilan. It is believed that the recruited teachers and the trained students at NIU Institute of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) can fully participate in cooperating research and development, and to bring up students with theoretical and practical experiences. Hopefully, NIU CSIE is able to create new opportunity to the industrial development of eastern Taiwan, and at the same time reach the equilibrium point between environmental protection and industrial development.

History and Aims

Our institution was permitted by the Ministry of Education and was founded in 2006. The aims of the institution are to cooperate with the needs of national construction and technology development and cultivate elites with intermediate- and high- level of information research competence.

Educational Objectives


Based the aims of the institution, the educational objectives of our institution are as follows:

  • Autonomous learning 
    • to develop the competence for active and autonomous learning.
  • Critical thinking
    • to develop the competence for independent thinking and problem-solving.
  • Creativity 
    • to develop the competence for creativity and pragmatic skills.