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Teaching excellence

The curriculum of our institution is designed as program-oriented courses to highlight the characteristics of this institution under the relatively limited number of teachers. With the program-oriented course, which makes learning more systematic, our students can choose programs that suit their interests and fortes, and may form a firm foundation for future development after graduation. In addition, our institution is devoted in improving the equipments in the laboratories as well as acquiring periodicals and reference books to forge a quality learning environment. In terms of teaching and researching, the institution focuses on digital media and network communications to cater for the needs of future trend as well as national or regional development. As for research development, great emphasis is paid on the combination and balance of the know-what and know-how of information technology; meanwhile, the application of information technology is also widely promoted in our institution. It is our aim that digital media technology can be used for living and for the creativity of living. Our institution focuses on two groups: ‘digital multimedia’ and ‘network communications’ . The curriculum of design of each group is as follows:

Digital multimedia group

Fundamental courses: Algorithms Coding Theory; Discrete Mathematics; Software Engineering.
Core courses: Image and Video Processing; Computer Vision; Computer Graphics; Digital Image and Signal Compression.
Professional courses: Computer Animation;Human-Machine Interface; Interactive Digital Arts; Medical Image Processing; Multimedia Information System; Embedded System

Network communication group

Fundamental courses: Advanced Computer Architecture; Network Information Security; Computer Network; Software Engineering.
Core courses: Wireless Networks; High Speed Networks; Digital Image and Signal Compression; Multimedia Transfer; Embedded System.
Professional courses: Next Generation Internet Protocol–IPv6; Network Programming; IP Switching Technology; Voice over IP Systems; Mobile Communications.