Han-Chieh Chao Professor
Education:Ph.D., Purdue University
Research:IPv6, Wireless IP, Mobile Computing, 3G / 4G Adaptive Transmission
Note:CSIE Faculty, President of NIU

Wei-Ming Chen Professor , Head of Department
Education:Ph. D., Department of Computer Science Information Engineering, National Chung Cheng University.
Research:Multimedia Communication, Image Processing
Note:CSIE Faculty

Chi-Hsiang Lo Professor
Education:Ph.D., C.S. ,Kent State University ,U.S.A.
Research:Signal processing, algorithms, medical imaging, networking and chip design
Note:Joint Appointment Faculty (Department of Electronic Engineering)

Whai-En Chen Professor
Education:Ph.D., National Tsing Hua University
Research:VoIP, IPv6 Translation, Mobile IPv4/IPv6, 3GPP IMS, Wireless Communications
Note:CSIE Faculty

Fay Huang Associate Professor
Education:Ph. D. Department of Computer Science,The University of Auckland
Research:Computer vision, Computer graphics, Virtual reality, Computer art
Note:CSIE Faculty

Chao-Hsi Huang Associate professor
Education:Ph.D., National Taiwan University
Research:Linux PC cluster, Computational physics
Note:CSIE Faculty

Tin-Yu Wu Associate Professor
Education:Ph.D. National Dong Hwa University
Research:Internet of Things(IoT), Virtual Machine Technology, Media Streaming Technology, Mobile Computing
Note:CSIE Faculty

Chih-Ming Chu Lecturer
Education:PHD Candidate, National Dong Hwa University
Research: e-learning, Learning Technology, Collaborative Learning, Social Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Theory, Microprocessor System Design
Note:CSIE Faculty

Chi-Yuan Chen Assistant Professor
Education:Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, National Dong Hwa University
Research:Mobile Communication, Network Security, and Quantum Computing
Note:CSIE Faculty

Kathiravan S Ph.D.
Education:Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India
Research:Signal & Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Communication Systems and Multimedia
Note:CSIE Faculty


Adjunct Faculty

Hong-Yuan Liao Professor
Education:Ph.D. , Electrical Engineering , Northwestern University, United States
Research:Multimedia Signal Processing, Multimedia Protection, Content-based Multimedia Retrieval, Video-based Human Behavior Analysis, 3D Mesh Decomposition and Recognition
Note:Joint Appointment Faculty (Academia Sinica Institute of Information Science)

I-long Lin  Professor
Education:National Taiwan University of Technology Electronic Engineering, Computer Science PhD
Research:Information security, Network security, Crime prevention, Expert system
Note:CSIE Faculty

Yun Liu Professor
Education:Ph.D.,Beijing Jiaotong University
Research:Communication, Computer Network, Network Security, Intelligent Transportation System
Note:Joint Appointment Faculty (Beijing Jiaotong University)

Hongke Zhang Professer
Education:Ph.D.,Beijing Jiaotong University
Research:IPv6, Mobile Network, Sensor Network Technology
Note:Joint Appointment Faculty (Beijing Jiaotong University)